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The 25-day raw food challenge continues...

Day 14

nama shoyu, raw soy sauce, raw food
Raw soy sauce - nama shoyu - and raw vegan pesto from Macrobioticshop.co.uk

Saturday, 17th January 2015

Woke up at 9.15am.

11am: Breakfast: small green salad and pea chutney. Apple slices with raw activated almond butter.

3pm: Two small handfuls of organic raw cashew nuts. One apple sliced with a little bit of activated raw organic almond butter.

5.30pm: Had a green salad with raw organic vegan pesto sauce - yummm! Tasted as good as pesto with pasta

This proves that pesto sauce does not need cheese to be tasty! Recipe: Extra virgin olive oil (is it really?), cashew nuts, fresh basil (30%), sea salt, pine nuts.

11.20pm: Spirulina smoothie with lemon and water. Feel good. Slight sciatica nerve irritation from sitting badly.

Snacked on half a handful of cashew nuts, coconut flakes and aronia berries.

Went to bed at 1am.

Day 15 - Raw Food Challenge

Sunday, 18th Jan 2015

Woke up at 11am.
Weight: 55kg.

Breakfast: Smoothie: mixed berries, lettuce, water, chia seeds, turmeric, foti, unprocessed licorice powder, birch bark powder, hemp leaf powder, 1 teasp kelp powder, Siberian ginseng powder, milk thistle seeds, dried raspberry leaf.
Supplements: vitamin B12, paramin, limcomin, niacin, iron.

1.20pm: Drinking angelica and schizandra berry tea.

My face and under-eyes are still a bit puffy, and if I pull my chin back I get a double-chin.

My belly is flatter but not completely flat yet. My lower belly is slightly hurting today, as if the menstrual period is starting.

I don't have any more problems with exercise or tiredness. I have good energy and find it easy to fall asleep at night as long as I'm not taking B12 or iron late at night; or vitamin C in megadoses. My mind is more calm and I work more efficiently and have good concentration which is very important for me. I don't feel the need for any stimulants to be able to concentrate even on boring tasks.
I do think that all aspects of my life are improving even after such a short time but I feel that the changes are very natural and subtle, I don't really feel all that different than usual unless I sit down and think about it. A clear success on this diet is the fact that I have eliminated all the little nagging health problems as well as greatly lessened my anxiety symptoms and tendency to worry.

But my nose has not fully cleared, it's still a bit congested and even a bit runny at points. I think the runny nose is a detox symptom.

I also get a bad taste in my mouth in the mornings which is also a detox symptom.

It has been said that the body concentrates on deep cleansing and healing first, before improving the external looks, and I definitely feel that I'm going to the right direction. So I suspect that some deep healing is going on.

Getting quite strong feelings like my period is starting. No pain, just uncomfortable feelings in the lower belly.

6.30pm: My menstrual period started. The pain has been coming and going but it's not too bad, at least not yet.

7pm: Had a green salad (lettuce and spinach) with raw organic pesto and apple slices with raw almond butter.

Later: Snacking on cashew nuts and prunes rolled in licorice.

10.30pm: Baby spinach and sugar snap pea salad with pesto.
Juice of one lemon in water, angelica tea.

I feel tired, the slight pain from my menses comes and goes.

Went to bed at midnight. Pain eased as I was lying down.
No need for pain killers.

Day 16

Monday, 19th Jan 2015

Woke up at 11.30am.

Some stomach pain in the morning (slept with a grounding sheet).

Drank a lemon and spirulina smoothie.
Ate an avocado with olive oil and salt.

Supplements: B12 (1,000mcg), iron, vitamin C (500mg), niacin, limcomin, paramin.

Did just two yoga moves - feel unflexible, out of energy and stiff today.

3pm: No more belly ache.

A simple stressor, such as a phonecall, made my face glow red again. I think it's because my body is weaker and more ran down than usual, due to menses.

6pm: Salad, baby leaf spinach, ramiro pepper, pinenut and raisin pickle, sweetcorn, raw pesto, salt, garlic oil.

A little belly ache there but not much.

Snacked on a half a handful of cashew nuts, prunes rolled in licorice, angelica tea.

9pm: Stuffy nose, a bit constipated. No more pain.
Drank the juice of one freshly-squeezed orange.
Had a few cashew nuts, aronia berries and raisins.

00:30pm: Been so thirsty today - drank lots of water.

Whenever my body is weak one way or another it seems to get very thirsty.

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