Raw Food Challenge

The 25-day raw food challenge continues...

Day 8

11th January 2015, Sunday

Woke up at 10am, feel good. Had the rest of yesterday's 'chocolate mousse' for breakfast.

12 noon: Ate a banana

Feel very worn out. No energy. I feel like I need to eat something quick. It wasn't a good idea to go without eating this morning.

1.25pm: Had one 6" raw pizza (pic), which tasted good but I made it too salty by accident.

raw food pizza, raw food challenge
This raw food pizza uses Ani Phyo's instant pizza base, so no dehydrator needed.
My muscles feel weak like I can barely have enough energy to be standing up or walk.

2.05pm. Pulse: 74 bpm.
I'm feeling very lethargic, ever since I went outside this morning, but now it's worse. Even when I was walking up a slight hill my legs felt weak - walking seemed hard work. I feel void of energy but not sleepy. I also feel quite irritable, down, lazy and don't really feel like doing anything. Really quite a horrible feeling. I don't think I have any sugar intolerance symptoms though, this is completely different. I have like an anxious energy feeling in my upper chest and lower arms and hands. I also have a weak-muscle feeling in the legs, especially in the muscles I exercised the day before yesterday (but this is different from normal exercise muscle pain). My eyes and neck feel tired. To sum it all up: Quite a severe lack of energy.

What could be causing it? My guess is one of these:

  • Lack of protein (I should be having it on every meal since the body can only utilise so much at once)
  • Going too long without eating
  • Detox
  • Not being able to digest raw foods and get enough nutrition
  • Earlier high-sugar diet still affecting
  • Bad, high-fat breakfast

All this really makes me contemplate giving up this raw food challenge after all. But I decided in the beginning not to give up on an impulse so let's see. But it's not very nice to feel worn out and unwell for most of the whole week, when I have things I should be getting on with and when I at the same time doubt that this feeling is detox since on juice fasts I feel better.

2.30-3.30pm: Sleeping on the sofa.

4.50pm: Started slowly feeling better a little while ago. I guess I just went without eating for too long. Also, the mini-breakfast today was high-fat and I only ate a bigger meal in the afternoon. I should ensure a protein-dominant and high-micronutrient breakfast from now on, as it's proven successful in my previous diet trials.

5.10pm: I feel better. I have reddish eyes... a sign of dehydration or probably detox.

6pm: Just took an enema with salt and lemon water added to the enema water. None of the water came out after, which probably means I was quite dehydrated. My eyes are not red anymore.

6.30pm: Ate a high-fat cherry tomato soup. Starting to feel tired although felt good before.

Snacking on prunes rolled in 100% licorice powder (not raw).

10pm(ish): Smoothie: Berries from frozen, chard, vanilla drops, hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, turmeric, hemp leaf powder, banana, water. Pulse 77bpm at 10.17pm. Is this a good intolerance reaction to the prunes or something in the smoothie?

Going to bed at about 1am.

Day 9, 25-Day Raw Food Challenge

12th Jan 2015, Monday

Woke up at 9.30am. Feeling good, slept well.

No breakfast, just water.

Lunch: 2/3 of a 6" raw pizza, similar to yesterday's, just no 'cheeze' and no olives.

4pm: Spirulina and chlorella for protein in a grapefruit smoothie.

6.22pm: Was developing a headache but when I did some stretching and bongers it went away.

Generally feeling well today. Snacking on alfafa sprouts and a banana.

8pm: Ate the other 1/3 of the pizza I made earlier. Snacking on prunes and licorice powder.

Went to bed at 1am. Found it easy to fall asleep, didn't need angelica oil.

Day 10, Raw Food Challenge

13th Jan 2015, Tuesday

Woke up at 9.50am. Not hungry at all. Feel rested and good.

Breakfast smoothie: Mixed berries, chard, turmeric, hemp seeds, chia seeds, hemp leaf, water, milk thistle seeds.

I checked with the company and these Farmfoods' 'Summer Fruits' mixed frozen berries (454g) are apparently not blanched before freezing - just washed and frozen.

1.20pm: Feeling very good today. It's a warm day, almost feels like spring.

I almost feel like I am becoming alive again! This raw food diet is definitely doing me good. My mind feels more balanced and peaceful than usual and today I almost feel like life is becoming more exciting and interesting. A little bit like when you are a child or a youth and life seems exciting, whereas with time you tend to become more cynical. It is a very mild feeling, but it is there, and feels lovely - a very positive feeling.
Many people say that the raw food diet makes it easier to be mindful and to live in the moment. Today I feel like that is true.

Had a banana as a snack.

1.50pm: Taking 20ml of Spatone iron water supplement (5mg iron per sachet) and B12 spray (1,000mcg). Trying again if these affect my sleep negatively or not, or whether it was the C-vitamin.

4.40pm: Feeling very hungry.

Had a green juice: chard, brussels sprout tops, celery, lemon, orange, pear, water. Maybe at 8pm.

Ate a nice salad with curry dressing (made of apple, curry powder, lots of olive oil, salt). The cauliflower and onion pickles I made were not nice tasting at all. I had to throw them away.

11.15pm: Just did yoga. Felt quite a bit more flexible than usual - I've had this feeling before on raw food diets. Now I'm absolutely loving this diet! Today I was thinking that maybe I won't want to come off it at all!

Generally today, all day, I've felt energetic, it's been easy to focus, calm mind, I've been quite efficient too and managed to get much done!

11.22pm: Feeling sleepy. This is a good sign. I should be sleepy this time of the day.
I fell asleep on the sofa and went to bed later.
Felt unusually good all day, even when going to sleep.

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